Upper Crust – They Sell Seafood On The Seashore!

SeaInn-RajuLakshmiThe wife cooks, the husband serves… that is the story behind the success of Sea Inn, the popular eatery serving coastal Andhra food on Rishikonda Beach, finds UpperCrust.

ON the Rishikonda Beach Road about 15 kilometres outside Visakhapatnam, stands a quaint thatched cottage with a Castrol-sponsored signboard that says “Sea Inn”. It is a small little restaurant specialising in coastal Andhra food.

The proprietor, maitre d’hotel, and waiter is a tall, athletic and good-looking man by the name of K. V. Raju. And the cook, working hard in a small and stuffy kitchen behind, is his comely wife Lakshmi Devi.

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