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A hotspot for seafood lovers, Raju ka Dhaba in Vizag serves a delicious array of seafood side dishes heavily flavoured with spices and is also known for its mutton biryani. Food Lovers’ Editor, Kripal Amanna makes a quick visit to the eatery, here’s what one can look forward to!

RAHAGIRI-FOOD By Dr. Kaynat Kazi

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You Must Try The Famous “Raju Gari Dhaba” The Next Time You Are In Vizag!

Raju Gari Dhaba aka Sea Inn 
A 20 year labor of love, Sea Inn (Raju Gari Dhaba) elevates the Andhra seafood cuisine to new levels. Set near the sea shore, in the shadow of the Rushikonda hill, along the Vizag-Bhimli road. This laid-back mom and pop formation. dishes up a Foodie treat. Mouth watering dishes incorporate top notch seafood, meat and spices cooked to perfection using traditional recipes.

This place’s name are not particularly imaginative but its setting–not far from the sea shore in the shadow of the Rushikonda hill–certainly is. Started in 1988 by Mr. Venkatapathy Raju, originally from Guntur.

Lakshmi Devi Kakarlapudi, Chef and wife of Venkatapathy Raju – A native of Guntur, Devi learned the art of cooking from her mother. She spent countless hours in the kitchen watching, learning and helping to prepare meals for her family. Since all her recipes are those that have been handed down for generations, Sea Inn is The place for foodies to try traditional home cooked Andhra Non Veg dishes.

The couple have been successfully running Sea Inn for 28 years now, Vizag’s foodies who don’t mind the 15-km drive along the coast to the little restaurant. Must Try: Chicken Biryani and Liver Fry. 

Afternoon With Vanjiram Curry


It’s almost too good to be true: a rustic palm-thatched shack, run by a mom-and-pop team

When the Vizag Municipality wanted to close down the Raju Gari Dhaba for some supposed infraction some years ago, the citizens of Vizag congregated outside the Muni­cipal office to protest, and the decision was quietly reversed. Now that’s what you call ‘by public demand’.

The dhaba is right on the beach, 15 km outside town, hidden off the Bhimli road. It’s almost too good to be true: a rustic palm-thatched shack, run by a mom-and-pop team, Mr and Mrs K.V. Raju (she cooks, he mana­ges) and it specialises in home-cooked Andhra dis­hes, which she learned from her grandmother. The official name is Sea Inn, but everybody simply calls it Raju Gari Dhaba, after the proprietor. It’s set under the palm trees, within range of the ocean spray, and the menu is as minimalistic as the surroundings: just about a dozen dishes for the day, scribbled on a whiteboard. It says that the house specialities are country chicken and mutton keema, but ignore that. The thing to order is their fresh prawns, crab or fish (salt-water or sweet-water), all cooked with a typical Andhra zing. We pondered over the choice of fish—vanjiram or chandua, both fresh from the nearby fish market— and finally settled on a vanjiram curry, fried chandua, and a huge crab in a thick, fiery gravy, with steaming rice. And as we licked our fingers, we understood why the good people of Vizag protested its closure. We’d have protested, too.

The Dhaba By The Bay – Yo! Vizag

Sea Inn - Yo Vizag!


Let’s travel four years back to the time when NDTV featured our very own Raju gaari Dhaba a.k.a Sea Inn on 9th of July, 2012. Set by the sea shore of the Rushikonda beach, this place offers top notch non vegetarian traditional Andhra dishes with authentic recipes.  Sea Inn was started by K.V. Raju with his wife Lakshmi devi Kakarlapudi as the chef, 29 glorious years back.

Native of Guntur, Mrs. Lakshmi masters the art of cooking with a perfect blend of spices. The restaurant offers an inspired selection of seafood and non vegetarian curries and fries along with lip smacking Biryanis which will definitely awake your taste buds. Prawn Pulav, Chicken liver fry and Mutton Biryani are some must-try s if you ever visit the place.